A Brief History of Watnall

Illustration - A Brief History of Watnall by J M Lee: Watnall Hall, Watnall, Nottinghamshire
Watnall Hall, Watnall, Nottinghamshire
Title Page - A Brief History of Watnall by J M Lee

A Brief History of Watnall: a short history of Watnall, Notts, by J M Lee

A Brief History of Watnall (Ed 2 2007): Watnall today is a pleasant and busy suburban village. Two centuries ago it was remote, obscure and completely agricultural. Its history goes back at least to Saxon times and it first enters the official records as an entry in the Domesday survey of 1087. It evolved, under the ownership of a number of noble Lords, in a very complex manner as two distinct parcels of land: the later Watnall Chaworth and Watnall Cantelupe. Other places within the area were brutally transformed by the Industrial Revolution but Watnall, although being actively involved in the mining industry, seems to have remained aloof from change and retained a village-like atmosphere to this day.

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21st August 2021

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