A Brief History of Kimberley

Hardy and Hansons Brewery, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire
Hardy and Hansons Kimberley Brewery. Late 20th century
Front cover: A Brief History of Kimberley Nottinghamshire by J M Lee
A Brief History of Kimberley, Notts. (Ed. 2013/3) by J M Lee

Kimberley is a small suburban town on the fringes of Nottingham. It arose, probably, as a Saxon settlement, many years before the Norman Conquest and first appears in records as an entry in the Domesday survey of 1087. For centuries it remained unremarkable, but as the Industrial Revolution progressed it changed dramatically: the population mushroomed, fortunes were made and lost. Kimberley acquired mines, railways, countless beer houses, vociferous churches and a large scale brewing operation. All of which themselves faded into echoes of a past era as the town entered modern times.

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16 Oct 2019