Brief Histories of Kimberley Watnall Newthorpe and Awsworth Nottinghamshire.

Illustration from A Brief History of Kimberley - Cemetery Chapel Kimberley
Cemetery Chapel Kimberley (the Chapel on the Hill)

This site contains information about four short history books by J M Lee : Brief Histories of Kimberley, Watnall, Newthorpe and Awsworth all in Nottinghamshire

A Brief History of Kimberley: a short history of Kimberley Notts by J M Lee

A Brief History of Watnall: a short history of Watnall Notts by J M Lee

A Brief History of Newthorpe: a short history of Newthorpe Notts by J M Lee

A Brief History of Awsworth: a short history of Awsworth Notts by J M Lee

The booklets are available in both paper and E-book form. Please see the appropriate site page (or follow the links) for more information

There is also information about – a humorous, satirical novelThe Bombay Rifleman’s Chest by J M Lee which is available as either a paperback or as an E-Book. Please follow the link for details.

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26 Jan 2023